Frolic on a Portuguese archipelago whose beauty will certainly take your breath away!

With approximately a million travelers visiting Madeira every year, it’s apparent that its embroidery artisan, regional wine, landscapes, flora as well as its yearly New Year celebration, which features the world’s biggest fireworks display, have worked their charms to visitors from all over the globe.

There are a plethora of activities that you could actually participate in when visiting Madeira, and Daily Mail UK Travel writer Gareth Huw Davies suggests several things to do when visiting this prosperous archipelago of Portugal (“Afternoon Tea and White Knuckle Cable-Car Rides: Six Things You Must Do in Madeira”).

Below is an excerpt of his article:

This island has conquered some of its more extreme elevation switches with a selection of eagle's-view cable-car rides to race your pulse. One of the oldest is the 15-minute climb from Almirante Reis in old Funchal to Monte. Then return downhill in the Monte Toboggan - a sort of converted laundry basket on wooden runners over the polished cobbles, steered by two surefooted attendants who use their boots as brakes. Or take the cable car from Monte to the Botanical Gardens. Outside Funchal, the Teleférico da Rocha do Navio on the north coast offers stomach-wrenching views above steep slopes. (Its main purpose is to whizz locals down to coastal fields.) The cable car at Achadas da Cruz at Porto Moniz offers more epic soaring.

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