With the many barrios in Lisbon, there’s one particular neighborhood that stands out from the rest.

Sao Paulo is a barrio in Lisbon and is regarded for its living standards, general history and culture as well as remarkable architectural structures.

Cristo Rei, in particular, is Lisbon’s answer to Brazil’s giant Christ statue as it stands across the Tejo River and for merely €5, it already provides magnificent views of downtown Lisbon.

Catch the rest of Sao Paulo and Lisbon in Luis Filipe Gaspar’s clip, in which he shares,

Each departure entails an arrival. This is an often repeated trip that is sensed every time. In this footage I seek to show moments of great involvement – the takeoff, the city, the Christ statue, the beach, the shore, the ocean, the clouds, the white, the rain ... the landing. In the music I found the sound of silence that rocks the moments experienced in the magical cabin.

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