A Quick History Of Madrid, Spain

There are indications that the city of Madrid has been inhabited since the prehistoric era with archaeological sites finding Carpetani settlement, Roman villas, a Visigoth basilica and three Visigoth necropolises near Casa de Campo, Tetúan and Vicálvaro.

Portugal is adventure

Apart from that quite popular history, you would be interested to know that Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Continental Europe. It is the most Westerly European country and this gives it an unlimited access to the Atlantic Ocean. Over and above the mainland, the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira belong to Portugal. This gives the country an advantage in attracting adventure tourism. If you are planning to visit the country, be sure to check out the following adventure destinations.

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Pousada do Sao Teotonio

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Pousada do Monte Sta Luzia

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Pousada Dom Diniz

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Pousada do Solar da Rede

Located in the wine region, this Pousada has a breathtaki... more

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