Are you looking for the underwater experience of a lifetime? Then take a Submarine Safari in Tenerife, Spain. The Submarine Safari offers visitors a chance to experience a dive on board a real submarine and to discover the marine life through large viewing ports.

Discover and explore the undersea world with your family, friends and relatives with Submarine Safari and enjoy the beauty of marine life with large and convenient viewing ports, where you’ll be able to see clearly .Enjoy the sights of stingrays happily playing, a real live octopus in its natural habitat, a whole school of fish and a whole lot more.

Submarine Safari uses a submarine specifically designed to the comfort and safety of passengers for an optimized fun and exciting ride at the submarine. With a spacious cabin and maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, passengers of all ages, pregnant women, heart patients, and passengers with ear problems can fully enjoy the Submarine Safari Tour.

Submarine Safari, as one of the most popular tourist site in Tenerife, will take you 30m (100ft) below the unexplored waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll also be having a certificate where you can show your friends or a memorabilia that you have explored the Atlantic Ocean without even getting your hair wet.

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