If coming to Spain includes sampling the best of Basque fares, then San Sebastian should be included in your itinerary.

Hugging the Bay of Biscay in the Spanish Basque Country, San Sebastian is well-known for serving some of the best Basque dishes in the region.

Visiting Donostia, in particular, should satisfy your craving for some good food as you feast on Basque cuisine available in a good number of restos, most of which primarily boast of Michelin stars. Well, if you only want to eat in such renowned restos, then you’ll have to visit Errenteria’s Mugaritz, Igeldo’s Akerlarre as well as Lasarte’s Berasategi.

On the other hand, Daily Mail UK Travel staff writer Priscilla Pollara went on a culinary tour around San Sebastian just so she could experience first-hand the best restos that offer Basque dishes in the city (“The Best Places to Eat in San Sebastian… Spain’s North-Eastern Jewel San Sebastian”).

Some of the dishes that she was fortunate enough to savor are pintxos, which is a flavorsome snack comparable to tapas. Below is an excerpt of her food experience in San Sebastian, Spain:

When the afternoon is coming to its end, but the evening is still too far off, the inhabitants of this city crawl out from every corner and take to the characteristic cobbled streets like an army of ants darting in all directions. What you witness is the one-time habit of enjoying a ‘bite to eat’ before supper, which over the decades has transformed itself into an inexpensive, enjoyable daily ritual. They are indulging in pintxos, the tapas of the North… But each and every one is characterized by its own specialty; some of the top-rated and charming pinxto bars not to miss include the traditionally-upholstered Gandarias, whose piéce de resistance is the endlessly juicy Solomillo atop a slice of artisan bread; Borda Berri, who pride themselves on Las Orejas de Cerdo Crujiente (crispy pig ears), their bestselling pinxto; Casa Vergara and their cigar-shaped black pudding, habanito; and Haizea, whose ‘cod brick’ is a daily winner.

Check out the rest of her travel article here, and let her description of her culinary tour make you book your way to San Sebastian!

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