If you like clubbing with house music, this is a place for you!


Pacha Ibiza is number one on the list of world’s top nightclubs.

Located in the party capital of the world, Pacha Ibiza is best known for its House Music and the atmosphere within the club that, “embodies five different rooms incorporating other musical styles.” The Main Room hosts the best international DJs and features performances beyond your wildest dreams. The Funky Room is more “disco soulful” with smoother tunes and a laid back atmosphere. If you decide to take your party upstairs, the Roof Terrace is perfect for lounge music, cocktails, inviting couches, and a blanket of Spanish sky and stars above. Lastly, there is the Global Room which was where the original party started back in 1973 when Pacha first opened. Sweet Pacha, the club’s restaurant, is right beside the Global Room where you will find delicious fusion dinners with a full sushi bar while they blast 80s and 90s dance tunes.


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