If your laptop doesn't have a camera, this is for you!

Don't be without your web camera while travelling. Samsonite's travel Web Camera allows you to take it with you in case your notebook computer doesn’t have one built in already.

If you have already heard of the video communication medium called Skype you already know what a great tool this free software can be. Download Skype at home and learn what millions of mostly younger folks have already discovered--Skype is a great tool for staying in touch for little to no cost.

In fact, you won’t even need a phone while traveling abroad if you have this service that lets you communicate via video from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Sit on a beach in Panama, eat a great Thai dinner in Phuket, and nibble on a French pastry in a Paris cafe and literally film yourself talk to your loved-one via your computer, your new Skype download, and your new Samsonite Travel Web Camera. Just plug it in to your laptop USB port and just like that you are looking and talking at your daughter while 10,000 miles from home.

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