Aside from visiting popular Portuguese cities like Madeira and Algarve, you should by no means disregard a trip to the capital and biggest city of Portugal.

Lisbon is one of the main cities in Portugal and is a haven for travelers who love touring the contemporary and the historical parts of a city, enjoy partying till the break of dawn and adore getting a tan at the beach.

Catering to almost 2 million travelers a year, Lisbon comes next to Barcelona as the most-visited city in Europe. 
Daily Mail UK travel writer Simon Lambert takes a trip to Lisbon not only to see the famed tower, Torre de Belem, but also to experience the overall vibe of the city (“Electrifying Lisbon: Bars, Beaches and Bright Lights in the City that has Everything”).
Here’s a brief excerpt from his article:
It is a place ripe for exploration – easily dissected on foot, yet also blessed with an efficient, inexpensive public transport system that ranges from underground trains and nostalgic trams to quirky elevators and funiculars… And it revels in a winning atmosphere, its centre a compact blend of grand avenues and delightfully cluttered old quarters where close-knit alleys send out an invitation to roam.
Catch the rest of his article here, and you’d be encouraged to include this global city into your itinerary as well!

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