Are you looking for a unique cowboy adventure? Then check out the Horse Riding and Sunset Barbecue Tour in Majorca, Spain. This adventure offers visitors the chance to ride through the Rancho Grande forest with amazing views of the beach followed by a delicious barbecue dinner.

The gorgeous beaches of Majorca, Spain have been attracting visitors for centuries, the breathtaking views on this Spanish island and beautiful warm weather keep them coming back for more. If you are looking for an Authentic Spanish experience on your next holiday to Majorca you can join the Horse Riding and  Sunset Barbecue Tour with Experience Mallorca.

This incredible tour begins with two hours of horseback riding through the Rancho Grande Forest and sandy beaches of Serra de Marina. If that wasn't amazing enough you will also be able to take your hose into the sea, your feet touching the warm waters as you glide across on your noble steed. When the two is over you will head to the Wild West BBQ party for an evening of mingling, eating, and fun. Endless Sangria is provided to help with the dancing as you watch an exciting rodeo bull competition. 

Many tour companies offer horseback riding in Majorca, but only Experience Mallorca takes their guests into the sea and ends the night with an amazing Spanish fiesta. 

To book your Horse Riding and Sunset Barbecue Tour with Experience Mallora, call us today.