Looking for a place to see the masterpieces by El Greco? Then check out the Toledo Half-Day Tour in Madrid, Spain. The Toledo Half-Day Tour takes visitors to the 13th-century Cathedral of Toledo and then on a walking tour through Toledo's atmospheric cobbled backstreets.

"The Cathedral of Toledo is a world in itself, the centuries bestowing it with such an accumulation of great works of art, very diverse one from another, that the fabulousness of its riches and the attractiveness of its diversity, produce to the point of incredulity an impression of astonishment."  -Élie Lambert

Forty-Three miles from the hustle and bustle of Madrid, lies a 13th-century Cathedral that is considered to be the magnum opus of Spain's Gothic churches. The Toledo Cathedral is located in Toledo, Spain, and is around a 43-mile trek by luxury coach from Madrid's city center.

With the Toledo Half-Day Tour you can explore the ancient city of Toledo which is known as the city of three cultures, with Christians, Jews. and Muslims living side-by-side. After you have spent the morning exploring the medieval town, you can visit the famed Toledo Cathedral. The Toledo Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and one of Spain's biggest architectural gems. A typical Spanish lunch is included in the tour before you head back to Madrid.


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