Have you ever wanted to explore a Gothic Cathedral? Then check out an Avila and Segovia Day Trip in Madrid, Spain. On this trip visitors will explore the cities of Avila and Segovia, including a two-tiered Roman aqueduct, a Moorish fort and a stunning Gothic cathedral.

Take a day trip from Madrid to visit two of Spain's most magical cities, Avila and Segovia. From the fortified ancient city of Avila to the the remarkable Gothic Cathedral in Segovia, this day trip will be one of your favorite memories in Spain.

The first stop on the tour is Avila, the UNESCO 'Heritage of Mankind' City. Known for its 11th century city walls and fortified towers, a visit to Avila feels like a step back in time. You will also visit Avila's famous cathedrals before heading over to the city of Segovia.

Segovia is home to the Segovia Roman Aqueduct, one of the world's finest Roman era monuments. The next stop is the famous Alcazar, an 11th century fort that was an inspiration for the famous Walt-Disney castle. Last, head to the "Lady of the Cathedrals" a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Meals are included in the tour.

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