Portugal has always taken pride in its lovely rustic sceneries, rich and exceptional culture as well as vibrant cities, but do you know which part of the country is regarded as the place where Portugal was born?

Guimarães is a historical city in Minho, and it is known as Portugal’s first ever city where the foundations of the nation can be seen its gorgeous Dukes of Braganza palace and the well-kept Guimarães castle, which is particularly included in the New Portuguese Seven Wonders. 

Set as this year’s European Capital of Culture, this UNESCO World Heritage Site also boasts the old manor of Casa de Sezim, the panoramic views from Penha Mountain as well as the ancient Olive Square. 
Daily Mail UK travel correspondent Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith writes about the tourist destinations in Guimarães and all the possible things that this city could offer to travelers worldwide (“Cod, Castles and Custard Tarts in Guimarães, Portugal’s European Capital of Culture”).
Below is a short excerpt from her recently published article:
Traditional and contemporary cultural events, from the annual Guimarães Jazz Festival to a series of performances from the Barcelona Theatre Company, street art exhibitions and gigs in pop-up venues intend to bring the city to life by encouraging people to interact with its culture… The historic city centre is a hub of activity at night, where people socialize in and around the bars and restaurants dotted along the Praça de Santiago and Praça da Oliveira, and the oldest street in Guimarães, Santa Maria. 
Go through the rest of her article here, and connect with Portugal’s roots and history!

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