Ultramodern metropolitans are always a sight to behold, but the history and seemingly eternal exquisiteness of old cities don’t easily lose their value. So are you aware of the priceless ancient cities that still exist in this world?

Symbols of Ancient Egypt



It is impressive how ancient cities survive the modernism that continues to envelope the world right now, and it is much more remarkable how they retain their timeless beauty all throughout these years.
Read on to learn more about the world’s three most ancient cities that still stand until today.
1. Lisbon, Portugal
Dating as far back as 2000 BC, Lisbon was initially populated by the people of Iberia, who were particularly the ones who constructed the megaliths. Today Lisbon remains to be one of the most vibrant European cities, yet it still preserves the best of its cultural heritage through its refurbished Art Nouveau structures, splendid cathedrals and imposing palaces. 
2. Luxor, Egypt
Existing even before 2160 BC, Luxor was the site where the ancient city of Thebes stands. This Egyptian city is now renowned as having the greatest open air museum in the world with archeological ruins of temple complexes resting in Luxor and Kamak. 
3. Asyut, Egypt
Similar to Luxor, Asyut also stood earlier than 2160 BC. It is where the shield of Upper Egypt’s King Recamai was found as well as mummies of wolves. Two of the most important gods in this place were Wepwawet and Anubis. Dialects used during the Graeco-Roman period were Coptic or Lycopolitan. Today ancient Asyut stands nearby the modern city of the same name.
There are more old cities spread all over the world that still stands until now, but these three cities are the world’s most ancient ones today.

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