Featuring bouldering spots in the Aragon community of Spain.

Located in Teruel province is the beautiful town of Albarracin. Enclosed by stony hills leading to its recognition as a Monumento Nacional five decades ago, this scenic capital is a haven of travelers who love bouldering. Watch David Heerema as he visited the foot of Sierra de Albarracin after applying for a one-year leave from his job in Canada.  Here are some of his thoughts on leaving for Albarracin:

Staying for 10 days I climbed 8 days. I hadn't bouldered in over two months… The following video features some of the climbing that happened. Albarracín is a wonderful place to boulder and a pleasant little town. Thanks to Leanna for the spotting and encouragement, Miguel & crew for coming up and showing us around and Cèsar for being a great climbing partner.

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