Visit that popular spot where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. Explore Costa de la Luz.

Explore the coastline across the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva in Andalusia, known as Costa de la Luz. This coastline is ideal for friends and family or just for personal relaxation and is a vacation destination for the wealthy, middle class, or professional Spaniards. 

This area features long stretches of dune-filled sandy beaches with luxury resorts and historic towns for you to explore. Plus, Costa de la Luz offers extraordinary light for sunbathing and supports its name. However, the water is known to be unpredictably chilly and the winds can blow up the sands during the summer, making beach days to be unfriendly. 

There are activities for everyone such as golf, water sports and more. Visit Doñana, where you will find the Doñana National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation and observe thousands of migratory birds such as the golden eagle, or swing your clubs at golf courses around the region. 

Tarifa, located nearby is known as a windsurfing Mecca. You can windsurf and kite surf or stroll along the beaches. As the setting for World Championship water sports events, the beaches may be crowded. Also enjoy scuba diving and underwater fishing; whatever your preference. 

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