With oil prices skyrocketing worldwide, why on earth should you travel by car around Europe this summer?

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Europe receives half a billion travelers every year, and while most of them travel around European countries by plane and train, some of them should consider traveling with their vehicles this summer season.
Aside from imposing cityscapes and stunning landscapes as well as the great diversity of culture in the 50 countries found in Europe, another reason why visitors should travel around this continent, by car in particular, is because of its open borders.
The TravelMail Reporter of Daily Mail UK lists the main reason why, despite the increasing prices of gasoline, people should take traveling by car into serious consideration (“Take to the Road: Driving in Europe to Cost Less this Summer Thanks to Strong Pound”). The writer mentions that UK vacationers are “paying up to 10.4 per cent less at the pumps thanks to the strong pound”.
Here’s a short excerpt from his recently published article:
Fuel prices have risen across Europe, but the sterling's strength against the euro and other European currencies means Britons will pay up to 8.6 per cent less for unleaded petrol and 10.4 per cent less for diesel… The Post Office Travel Money’s annual Motoring on the Continent report found that the cheapest place in Europe for fuel is Andorra, where unleaded petrol costs just £1.13 per liter - a third less than Norway, which is the most expensive place to drive… Luxembourg and Spain complete the top three cheapest places to drive, with unleaded costing £1.21 a liter, meaning that filling up the car for a 1,000 mile journey is £10 cheaper than it was 10 years ago.
Check out the rest of his article here, so that you could start planning your travel around Europe by car!

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